Επερχόμενα άνιμε [10-List]

Βλέπουμε μια λίστα με επερχόμενα άνιμε..
(1) One Punch Man 2

[Σύντομη περιγραφή μέσω wiki: On an unnamed Earth-like super-continent planet, strange monsters and supervillains have been mysteriously appearing and causing disasters. To combat them, the world’s superheroes have risen to fight them. Each of the Hero Association’s superheroes are ranked from S-Class which is the strongest to C-Class which is the weakest. Saitama is one such hero, hailing from the metropolis of Z-City. He has trained himself and grown strong to the point that he can effortlessly defeat any opponent with a single punch. However, Saitama became a hero for the fun of the experience, and he has lately become bored with his superhuman power and frustrated at the complete lack of strong opponents that can challenge him. Over the course of the series, Saitama encounters various superheroes, supervillains, and monsters. He gains a disciple in the form of the cyborg Genos and eventually joins the Hero Association in order to gain official recognition. He smashes an incoming meteor and defeats boss villains like the Deep Sea King. When the alien Dark Matter Thieves invade and destroy A-City, Saitama defeats their leader Lord Boros using pure punching power.]

(2) Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3

Δείτε εδώ αναλυτικό reviewhttp://www.an1medawn.eu/blog/singeki-no-kyojin-attack-on-titan/<

Επίσης δείτε εδώ αναλυτική ανάρτηση και διάφορα πράγματα αναφορικά με αυτό: http://www.an1medawn.eu/blog/%CF%83%CE%BA%CE%AD%CF%88%CE%B5%CE%B9%CF%82-%CE%B3%CE%B9%CE%B1-%CF%84%CE%BF-attack-on-titan/

Καθώς και εδώ preview video από την funimation: http://www.an1medawn.eu/blog/attack-on-titan-season-3-preview-video-%CE%B1%CF%80%CF%8C-%CF%84%CE%B7%CE%BD-funimation/


(3) Sword Art Online: Alicization

[Σύντομη περιγραφή μέσω MAL: Kirito awakens in a vast, fantastical forest filled with towering trees. In his search for clues to the truth of his surroundings, he encounters a young boy who seems to know him. He ought to be a simple NPC, but the depth of his emotions seem no different than a human. As they search for the boy’s parents, Kirito finds a peculiar memory returning to him. A memory from his own childhood, of this boy and a girl, too, with golden hair, and a name he should have never forgotten.]

(4) Fairy Tail (2018)

[Σύντομη περιγραφή μέσω wiki: Fairy Tail is set in Earth-land, a fictional land where wizards coalesce into guilds to apply their magical abilities for paid job requests. Novice wizard Lucy Heartfilia runs away from home to join Fairy Tail, a guild famous for its members’ overly destructive antics. She is invited into the guild by Natsu Dragneel, a dragon slayer wizard who travels the kingdom of Fiore in search of his missing foster father, the dragon Igneel. Lucy forms a team with Natsu and his cat-like companion Happy, which is later joined by ice wizard Gray Fullbuster, armored wizard Erza Scarlet, and dragon slayer Wendy Marvell. The team embark on numerous guild missions together, which include subjugating criminals, illegal dark guilds, and ancient Etherious demons created by the immortal dark wizard Zeref.]

(5) Mob Psycho 100 2nd Season

[Σύντομη περιγραφή μέσω wiki: Shigeo Kageyama is an average middle school boy, nicknamed Mob (モブ Mobu) (meaning “background character”) for lacking a sense of presence. Although he looks like an inconspicuous person, he is in fact a powerful esper. As he grows older, Mob realizes that his psychic powers are strengthening and becoming more dangerous. To avoid his power getting out of control, he constantly lives a life under an emotional shackle. Mob wants to live a normal life just like the others, but a barrage of trouble keeps coming after him. With the suppressed emotions growing inside Mob little by little, his power threatens to break through its limits.]

(6) Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch

Αναλυτικό review βλέπουμε εδώ: http://www.an1medawn.eu/blog/code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion/

(7) Evangelion: 3.0+1.0

[Σύντομη περιγραφή μέσω wiki: In 2015, fifteen years after a global cataclysm known as the Second Impact, teenager Shinji Ikari is summoned to the futuristic city of Tokyo-3 by his estranged father Gendo Ikari, director of the special paramilitary force Nerv. Shinji witnesses United Nations forces battling an Angel, one of a race of giant monstrous beings whose awakening was foretold by the Dead Sea Scrolls. Because of the Angels’ near-impenetrable force-fields, Nerv’s giant Evangelion bio-machines, synchronized to the nervous systems of their pilots and possessing their own force-fields, are the only weapons capable of keeping the Angels from annihilating humanity. Nerv officer Misato Katsuragi escorts Shinji into the Nerv complex beneath the city, where his father pressures him into piloting the Evangelion Unit-01 against the Angel. Without training, Shinji is quickly overwhelmed in the battle, causing the Evangelion to go berserk and savagely kill the Angel on its own.]

(8) Overlord III

[Σύντομη περιγραφή μέσω wiki: In the year 2126, a Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or DMMORPG called Yggdrasil was released. It stands out among all other DMMORPG’s due to its unusually high ability for the player to interact with the game. After an intense 12-year run the game servers are about to be shut down. Within the game exists a guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, once consisting of 41 members and credited as one of the strongest guilds in the game. Now only 4 of the members remain, the other 37 having quit the game. Of those 4 only one, an elder lich character named Momonga, continues to play as the guild leader and maintaining their headquarters, The Great Tomb of Nazarick. He invites the remaining guild members but of those only one appears and only for a short while before leaving. While saddened by this, he accepts the reality that his friends have their real lives to take care of and decides to stay logged in until the servers shut down.]

(9) Boku no Hero Academia The Movie: Futari no Hero
[Σύντομη περιγραφή μέσω wiki:  On an Earth-like world where people with superpowers known as «Quirks» (個性 Kosei) are the norm, Izuku Midoriya has dreams of one day becoming a Hero despite being bullied by his classmates for not having a Quirk. After being the only one to try and save his childhood bully Katsuki from a villain, the world’s greatest Hero, All Might, bestows upon him his own quirk «One For All». The story follows Izuku’s entrance into U.A. High School (雄英高校 Yūei Kōkō), a school that cultivates the next generation of superheroes.]
(10) Re:Zero kara Hajime Isekai Seikatsu: Memory Snow
[Σύντομη περιγραφή μέσω wiki: Subaru Natsuki is a hikikomori who does nothing but play games. One night, after visiting a convenience store, he is suddenly summoned to another world. With no sign of who summoned him, he soon befriends a silver-haired half-elf girl who introduces herself as Satella, and her companion Puck. Satella mentions that her insignia was stolen by a thief named Felt. When he and Satella are mysteriously killed, Subaru awakens and discover that he has acquired the ability «Return by Death», enabling him to reverse time by dying. He greets Satella again, only for her to be offended at being addressed by the name «Satella», which in fact refers to the «Jealous Witch», and is considered a taboo. With the help of Reinhard (a knight) in another timeline, Subaru saves «Satella’s» life from the assassin Elsa; she reveals that her real name is Emilia, and as a token of gratitude, Felt returns the insignia to her]
Άλλες σημειώσεις..
[1] Οι σύντομες περιγραφές του καθενός άνιμε αναρτούνται βάση του ξένου Wikipedia διότι είναι σύντομες περιγραφές και σε καμία περίπτωση εκτεταμένα reviews. Η σελίδα μας φιλοξενεί άνιμε περιεχόμενο, το οποίο μπορεί να δει κανείς να υπάρχει χωρίς να περιορίζεται μόνο σε μία μορφή. (Θα υπάρξουν σχετικές αναρτήσεις αναφορικά με αυτό)
[2] Επειδή δεν είναι λίγες οι φορές που ζητάει κάποιος πού μπορεί να δει άνιμε με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους η επόμενη ανάρτηση από το animemangagreek καλύπτει το παραπάνω θέμα οπότε καλό θα είναι να το συμβουλευτείτε πριν ρωτήσετε το οτιδήποτε. (https://animangagreek.weebly.com/blog/-anime-manga)
[3] Θεωρείται κοινή λογική ότι οι αναρτήσεις των επερχομένων άνιμε δεν συνεπάγονται αποκλειστικά φυσικά καινούρια άνιμε, αλλά θα δούμε τα περισσότερα να είναι συνέχειες από ήδη υπάρχοντα. Αυτό με την σειρά του σημαίνει ότι όλα τα παραπάνω μόλις κυκλοφορήσουν θεωρούνται spoilers για όσους δεν έχουνε δει τις αρχικές τους σεζόν. Όσοι από εσάς λοιπόν, είστε αφοσιωμένοι είτε σε ένα ή και παραπάνω άνιμε, πριν γράψετε το οτιδήποτε σχετικά με μια καινούρια κυκλοφορία πρώτα σιγουρευτείτε ότι δεν κάνετε spoiler, αφού δεν παρακολουθούμε όλοι τα ίδια άνιμε.

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